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With our dog food calculator, puppy meal times are no longer a headache. There’s no need for mental math before you break out the kibble! Whether you’re looking for the right amount of dry dog food to feed your pet, or a raw dog food calculator, we’ve put this resource together to help you. 

About The Dog And Puppy Food Calculator

dog food calculator

The dog and puppy food calculator below is a quick and easy way to get rough estimates of how large or small a serving to feed your fluffy friend. To start, you’ll need to know three things — first, how much your puppy or dog weighs right now in either kilos or pounds.

Second, you’ll also need to be aware of the ideal weight for your best friend, which will vary between breeds. A large Rottweiler, for instance, will have a much higher ideal weight than a smaller Yorkie. This is simple to assess if you’re already familiar with the Body Condition Score System. 

If not, the Body Condition Score (BCS) System doesn’t require any fancy measurements. Looking at your puppy or dog from above, and using your hands to feel your dog, you can assess his or her waist, ribs, and stomach. If your pup’s ribs are relatively prominent, and he has an overly visible stomach tuck, then it’s likely he is underweight. Should he exhibit heavy fatty deposits in these areas, and look round in the waist when viewed from above, he’s probably overweight. It’s a good idea to check your dog or puppy’s BCS using a visual chart, which you can usually get from your vet. 

The third thing that you need to know before using the dog food calculator is his or her activity level. If your puppy gets lots of exercise and is highly active, this will mean that he is burning more calories each day—which will affect the amount of calories he needs at mealtimes. If you have an extremely active furry friend, always keep in mind that you will need to increase their calorie intake slightly.

When To Use The Dog Food Calorie Calculator

It’s important to try and ensure that you’re feeding your puppy or dog the ideal amount for his health. This plays a huge role in his quality of life, along with the right amount of exercise (and cuddles)!

puppy food calculator

If you’re switching up puppy food brands, you may want to know whether to feed your best friend a bit more or less than you’re used to giving him. And with so many good puppy food brands out there, you may want to shop around a little to find his special favorite. So, dinner and lunch can sometimes feel a bit confusing! 

How The Puppy Food Calculator Works

There is one main calculation that applies to all dogs and puppies—their Resting Energy Requirement (RER). After this, the amount of calories that your puppy needs will depend on their unique individual factors. 

RER is about how much energy your dog or puppy requires just to survive. In other words, it refers to the number of calories he uses to break down food, function normally, and other basics. The RER formula below is an example that uses your dog’s body mass in kilos:

RER = 70* (Body Weight)0.75

The dog food calculator then lets you select some individual factors that will make this figure either higher or lower, including:

  • Whether your dog is a puppy or adult; 
  • The age range that he falls into; and
  • His average activity level. 

Remember, any figure that you obtain from using the calculator will be a rough estimate, not a hard-and-fast rule. If your dog has any special feeding requirements, then you should certainly tailor this rough estimate to fit them specifically. It’s a good idea to keep checking out your dog’s BCS and make amendments as appropriate. 

We have provided this calculator as an informative and educational resource. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice from your vet. 


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